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Asian Americans and Allies

Asian Americans are America’s fastest-growing racial group, and its most educated. However, we face the LEAST equitable outcomes of any group in Corporate America. Once hired, we're less likely to be promoted than any other group. Asian Americans are 12% of the workforce, but only 1.5% of Fortune 500 corporate officers.

Whether you’re Asian American or an ally, this newsletter is for you. Inside, you’ll find engaging research, real-life stories, and practical tips to help you to dismantle bias and become a more powerful leader in our multi-cultural world.

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-- Joy

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Ever wonder if ☝ONE PERSON ☝ really can change the world?Then meet Charlie Woo.Both his legs have been paralyzed since, as a baby in Hong Kong, he was struck with polio.But Charlie is unstoppable. 🤜🏼 🤜🏼 🤜🏼In the ‘70s, he realized his dream of studying physics at UCLA.Then, he left school...

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Thanksgiving turkey or duck or peking duck style turkey

Having immigrated to the U.S. not long before I was born, my parents always were mystified at the American turkey tradition. Each year, Dad would ask, “Why do Americans eat turkey? It’s so dry!”And then, buy us a Peking duck.To him, the idea of roasting a turkey was totally foreign. Two problems:

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