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Facebook Vs. LinkedIn: Where Will YOU Be Spending Your Time?

Quote from Frances Haugen

👺 Facebook = UGH!!!! 👺

I’m not waiting for the regulators to act. 

I may just say Buh-Bye💢 Facebook, and HELLOOO ✨ LinkedIn! ↴

How do they gaslight us? This week:

👿 Facebook’s Nick Clegg told CNN: “For some teens who already are feeling bad about themselves, social media can make them feel not great about themselves.”

👸 Our national hero, whistleblower Frances Haugen told Congress: “Facebook is fully aware that its algorithm can quickly steer children from very innocuous topics like healthy recipes to anorexia over a very short period of time."  

I am a former girl who struggled with body image issues back when all I had to contend with were some posters of Farrah Fawcett in a red one-piece bathing suit.

Now, I’m the mother of two girls I’m trying to keep healthy and safe. 

In my MOST PERFECT world, they would cook for themselves --and search online for healthy recipes. (Has not happened... yet!)

So, I’m having a hard time with the fact that Facebook executives would KNOWINGY recruit children and then quickly serve them content that could squash their self-worth and potentially kill them.

Let's not forget how Facebook fans ethnic violence, incites genocide and undermines civil society.

Truth is, my love affair with Facebook has been flaming out for a long time. 

I still haven’t gotten over the betrayals around the 2016 election.

This week, I’m starting to feel like a victim of Stockholm syndrome. 😠

My story may end happily yet.

A few weeks ago, I shut down a decade’s work in China, launched a new company in the States, and started flirting seriously with LinkedIn.

Previously, I’d used LinkedIn only for recruiting. I used to be a CEO headhunter for Fortune 500 companies, and used LinkedIn daily for candidate research.

This time around, I’ve been impressed. 

I now have a hypothesis...

That in addition to being the place to post your resume, *LinkedIn can be that warm, safe and happy place to express your full self and connect with the world.

Kinda like what Facebook was SUPPOSED to do for us.

So, I’ve been expanding my repertoire of postings on LinkedIn. Beyond the standard “Yay I changed jobs!” to bigger thoughts on career and life.

And, you won’t believe what happened. 

LinkedIn’s Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Roth, highlighted me as one of this week’s “5 Creator to Know” 😲


I don’t even consider myself a “creator.” I’m not an artist, or a designer, or one of those architects who wears black turtlenecks and design-y glasses. 

I’m just an everyday professional looking to find and connect with like-minded folks with whom I can have some fun and create some impact in the world.

And right about now, me and LinkedIn, I’m thinking this could be the start of a most delicious love affair.

🍭 Facebook vs. LinkedIn 🍭

Where will YOU be spending your time?

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